Our Humanifesto

Our employees

The Ad Store will respect its employees and human resources as human beings: men and women whose lives we can improve. The Ad Store will create and foster a working environment that will add value to its employees’ personal dimension, where there’s no room for discrimination but only for inclusion. The Ad Store will guarantee the most creative and stimulating atmosphere to promote growth and the free circulation of ideas.

“The Ad Store will grant free coffee to all its staff, sometimes also cappuccino!”

Our network

Every Ad Store is independent and will always be. But we all work together for the good of the whole. We believe in the power of cooperation, transparency and sharing. Every agency will dedicate resources for the growth, will share business opportunities, never lie and keep no secrets from the others. That’s what friends are for.

“And that’s why we need to meet at least once a year!”

Our clients

We want our clients to be happier when they work with us: that’s why we’ll always offer them efficiency, speed of response, honest thinking and fair prices. We want our clients to trust us: we don’t want them to waste time in bureaucracy, we just want to solve their problems and help them achieve great results. That’s why our agencies are never too small or too big.

“And that’s why the president always picks up the phone!”

Our world

Being Ad Store means believing that good ideas can change the world. ideas such as tolerance, respect and sustainability. As entrepreneurs, we believe that it’s possible to combine financial and social value, business profit and community welfare, competitiveness and enrichment of the world. That’s why we will not work for clients or projects that go against our beliefs. We will work to make our communities better. We will promote the idea of a “human economy”.

“And with our human report, facts will speak for themselves.”

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